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Page Last updated 3/12/2023

Saturday, April 8, 2023  --  9 am to Noon

Hosted by La Porte CPAAA

No details or program information has been provided.


January 14 -- Angleton

February 11 -- Galveston

March 11 -- DPS CAAA

April  8 -- La Porte

May 13 -- Deer Park

June 10 -- Harris County Sheriff

  July 8 Convention conflict

  Convention July 9-12, 2023

August 12 -- Montgomery County Sheriff

September 9 -- Pasadena

October 14 -- Tri-Agency (Beaumont)

November 11 -- Texas City

To get your group on the schedule, please email Becky Hoke, 409-739-2118,

If you have questions about hosting, please contact Becky at the above email.

Thank you, Becky Hoke, Host Committee

Hosting a TCPAAA Region One Meeting (revised program start time)

All paid memberships in the TCPAAA Region One organization can host a monthly region meeting.

Fellowship for the meeting is from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM. As it has been the practice in the past for this time, the hosting city provides breakfast items and drinks, (juice, coffee, water, etc.) for the visitors/membership. The hosting city welcomes every one to the meeting, directs them to the meeting room, restrooms, etc.

The Opening/Welcoming of All/Prayer 1st/US and Texas Pledges 2nd/Introduction of the Speaker/or Subject/or Activity is the responsibility of the hosting city.

Your organization decides how you want the program to be. Door prizes, etc.

This time is from 9:30 AM to 11 AM.

At 11 AM, the Board/Directors, will begin and conduct the business meeting up to the adjournment time.

Please email the hosting committee for which month you would like to host.  The committee members are listed on the Committees section of the Info page in the monthly newsletter.

It is important that the hosting organization notify the newsletter and the web manager about the location of the meeting, and if possible, the program.  Notify by email to as the website will be updated following the previous meeting.